the dream

It all started with a dream
A dream to live life to the fullest, to lead a life of purpose & passion, a life that is full of love, peace and celebration.

My dream started in 1998, when I was doing my internship with Choice Hotels in Birmingham, U.K and had an opportunity to visit a pub in one of the British country sides. This is where I experienced immense peace and happiness, that stayed with me for very long. And my search and my story began.

I worked with the corporate sector for the next 18 years, working my way up through corporate ladder but that did not give me enough satisfaction.

While working with the corporates, I decided to take baby steps to pursue my dream, to find a place that can be as close to the British Country side. I travelled a lot and for many years in search of a place for my dream.

There is obviously endless beauty in India. However, throughout my travel and search, in my view I could not find a place that can qualify to be truly called a country side in Northern India. Until I got to know of Morni Hills, and decided to visit the place.

The land that we own today is the first land I saw when I visited Morni for the very first time. We bought the land in 2015, and it has taken 5 years of relentless hard work, dedication, overcoming of many-many big and small obstacles, endless setbacks, commitment of life and contribution from so many in so many different ways, for us to be able to present to you what you see today.

This is only phase 1 of the project, and we sincerely hope and wish, the dream unfolds more beautifully and we create a place where people come to connect with others and themselves.

So, welcoming that, as time will pass, The Hikers and Brewers will become the hub of community life.

our story

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Hikers and Brewers Tented Camp is located in Morni Hills, the only hill station of Haryana.

Ideally positioned to explore the magnificence of Churdar peaks and Ghaggar river, the camp is known for its breath-taking views. Blending skilfully with the environment, five exclusive tented suites, set on raised platforms offer scenic valley views. Each tent features a bed that faces the beautiful views of the valley; an ensuite bathroom with an indoor shower and a veranda with a sitting area..

Hikers and Brewers Tented Camp's glamorous, light and earthy look begins on arrival, with an elegant entrance lending a sense of place and atmosphere to welcome guests to the camp.

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